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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


The moment comes.  It touches softly in the night resting on her lips.  The moment passes like rising smoke from the embers of dwindling coal.  The fog of thoughts roll through my mind, I am lost in disbelief.  Voices cloud my ears with condolences passing from my mind as though they are absent of understanding.  Everything and nothing happens at once and overwhelming accumulation of emptiness.  I would mutter why if my throat wasn't heavy grief, I kneel there saying nothing, squinting without tears to cry.  I collapse with you my dear to go on without living.

Monday, December 8, 2014


What makes us lie?  Is it that telling the truth is too painful for us to bear?  Is it the suffering of consequences?  Lack of action or inaction?  To buy time or to save face?  There are many reason to lie.  It is the foolish action to cover the truth and ignore reality.


On a rainy day the sun still shines waiting above clouds washing away pain in hard times.
Light always pierces the furious storms rage to right the wrong of the turmoil once gone.
Find shining clarity when misty times have come and gone by look into puddled to long.
Uplifting fog seeing into a beautiful haze putting forth to sight rainbows and light's rays.
Oh please oh please let me feel the warmth of sun's praise and forgive me, my dreary days.

I recently revised this but lost the original post.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Days Don't Change

Alright here's my attempt at a county song.  

Simple life of mine won't go astray no matter my thinkin' to get up and try.  Though just for a moment in a dream gave up my job and left this scene.  Went for a journey in the woods never to look back and didn't want to when I could.  Then I found me a path and rode it strong everything as life followed I'd do nothing wrong.  Yet I woke up the next day and went to work following the footsteps of my day to day.  The same damn route in every way.  I'm still walkin' around and talkin' that sound my actions are reflectin' I'll be stayin' in this town.  I'm just a honky tonk nobody runnin' my mouth off key.  I'm tuckered out sick of being me, I'm gettin' up off my ass to be somebody.  I;m cuttin' to the woods to find me that path gonna ride it hard, gonna ride it fast.  There'll me no more talking' just a forgotten past.  I'm breakin' from the mold tearing up the cast.  Started walking the walk so I got to go.  You won't see me to but you might see me fro.  When I left that simple life of mine I slammed the door onto better things in life only because I want more.

Haven't figured out how to show the melody of a song when writing.  Hopefully it flows a little bit.  This is my second draft.  I'm not completely pleased with it but there is always the chance to come back to it and take a third look.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Post No Bills

Post no bills we don't need your services here
Post no bills your using your time only to was mine.
Post no bill you have nothing to say or that I need hear.
Post no bill your not going to catch a lingering eye.
Post no bill because your on posting another lie.
Post no bill to be torn down and cast aside.
Post this bill: "POST NO BILLS"

Lustful or Loving

Alright, I am going to admit I've been drinking but let's see what I come up with.

Affect the feeling in my heart with words of satin from your heart.  I challenge the love of which you tell I think it is more on my pants that your thoughts dwell.  Is it on my body you want to place your hands or is it on my soul you wish to touch with hearts true intent.  Love or lust, neither of there I can trust in good faith make a plea for in honesty I'll accept either as you'll see.  Confusion clouds matters between us now but in submitting to passion we clear the air.  So maybe later we can find out if there is something there.

Saturday nights what am I going to do?

Monday, October 6, 2014

Leading Deception

Shepard lead you sheep into the pack of wolves to earn money in the darkness of the woods.
Rooster rooster heed no call for the fox has a bribe to compensate for a slight moral loss that you may befall.
Charging bull tread lightly on your feet because beyond your heard we promise a greater feast.
Needles needles lining the wall marking the mark where the dollar falls.
In your care remove your stake, evil lends you its pleasures to partake.
Actions have consequences that you may reap with a blind eye this fortune you may keep.
Make the trade don't delay this offer won't last another day.
Don't play the tune of a mournful song dance happily don't worry about wrong and surely will find a way to get along.

This needs some refinement but I like the idea.  It's about how leaders ignore problems at the expense of those who follow them.  I think it is easy to do and there are those who will tempt others so they may benefit.  I firmly believe that most leaders are good people so this writing isn't against capitalism.  When I wrote it I was thinking about the power place in the select elite developed by communism and even socialism. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Sprint

A bead of sweat slips across his sight as he lifts his head his eyes measure the challenge before him.   Before the moment of truth an action a breath to relieve the tension.  His mind reflect no a though of success but a knowledge of what will be achieved over the opposition.  Muscles tense as feet push from the block propelling a mass of muscle forward.  Feet blaze fiery steps of fury down the track beneath each step a strike lands across the competitors.  Time becomes paralyzed as every moment falls by the wayside no one gives chase any longer.  He meets the barrier chest astride breaking through the tape with arms raised.  First.

Making Hay

Tears must in my eyes for wrath has taken aim on my heart, sweeping woe into the very bowels of my soul.  Forsaken is the hand that has thrust itself on my wife.  Her beauty in life snatched away by a sperpent of the earth.  Their hollow souls into hell they will fall.  I beseech vengance to send your light lighting and to bring pain.  Give me fire and throw brimstone so I may place it in the pit of their soul that it may burn them forever.  On the hand wear a band lay declaring to her my life I now place a sold.  This hand that once felt the sculpted beauty of God's finest creation will no fall in the devil's misguided work.   I will reap into hell the grains of wheat sown by this evil world and may they fall like blades of grass as they are stuck by the blade I hold.

I wrote this before I knew anything about marriage.  I am married now and I am happy to have chosen a wife who will always e faithful.  Making the right choice in he first place is a really good path to pursue.  I plan to edit this a bit more but for now I will let this sit as is.

Self Interest

Soft hands heavy fists don't tear the world apart.  Striking the right balance in the stove.  Freedom leads man to the path where he may find love of self.  This is our wealth individuality is the beacon of our soul.  It is the mind that can't be tamed while complacency is to blame and freedom suppressed don't stand waiting die or cause death.  The soul can't wait for freedom.  Understand what is worth dying for what is worth fighting for don't behave peacw ill not bring happiness if it is at the cost of liberty.  Don't be suppressed know your love for you is fair and strike down falsely found guilt as a selfless act.  When you take back your abilities from those who need but don't produce you have claimed back your freedom and your life.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Weeping willow

On a weeping willow I write to the one I love under the moonlight.  On our lips I place a kiss for this willow weeps from happiness.  I pull its leaves to make a rose it's gift to us because our love it knows.  Under this weeping willow we first played as we grew from children our love arose growing as growth grows.  As teenagers on its branches we sat offering flirtatious glances until our lips united in a plant.   Under this tree I will propose may we find out together what the future holds.

I wrote this for fun.  I don't plan on doing anything further with it.  I know its sappy and cliche but whatever.  Please leave a comment let me know your opinion.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Home

After a serious breath a smile sheds the struggles of the day. A twinkle sparks in my eye as you gaze upon those I love.  A glow shines from you heart onto my skin as my family blesses me with affection.  With wisdom I help my children choose stand with my guidelines their morals will stand.  on theirs live I  have placed my stake on a cause a greater than myself on a claim that every man should partake.  With the wart  of your hand you share with me your heart.  with a hug you show me your love.  With your guiding hand you help lead us through life as you never fail to provide advice.

I got a lost writing this.  I am putting it aside for now and will revise and compose it later.

After a serious breath a smile sheds the struggles of the day.  A twinkle sparkles in you eye as you gaze upon the family you blessed.  A glow shines on you skin for the compassion you hold for those within you heart.  With your wisdom you help us choose our stands; with you guidance you ensure through trial our morals will stand.  Through your eyes you show us your love with the warmth of you hand we feel the fortitude of you heart.  With you guiding hand you help to lead us in our lives with your never failing good advice.  With you humor you make us msile with a well targeted joke you crack you second smile.  You gave us breath and now we live; you give us hope just to give.  We get to call you dad and as a man the expression still makes me glad.

Alright that's round one of the revision.  I still need a lot of work on this but I am glad to continue the process.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Grandmother's Garden

The morning dew sleeps gently on the pedals of a flower.  The sun shines drops of light against the surface of a rose.  The wind glides past new spring blossoms clutching their scent in it's arms.  An airy mist descends upon the leaves of the shrubs and trees.  Echoes chirp from the gardens depths while birds float by.  Beneath the stream a pond rests receiving trickling water as though it were life's breath.  On the peak of the hill a swing chair rests overlooking the serenity of a dream to reality that hands have blessed.

My grandmother real has one of the most beautiful gardens I've ever seen.  Of course I much prefer looking at it than weeding.  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ten Quotes Brought to you by George, That's Me

  1. Either let the dust settle or kick it up.
  2. Every dog has its day and everyday is a dog.
  3. When it comes to our kids we see the thorns.  When it comes to us we see the roses.
  4. Why does fate allow us to waste so much time?
  5. Follow the dog to find the cat.
  6. Gold a l lot of people have none, some people get some and few people get a ton.
  7. Down and dirty stays down and dirty.
  8. He turned around so fast he met himself coming back.  (This is not mine I just like it a lot.  Heard it from my grandfather.)
  9. Don't look for the light when it's midnight.
  10. Late to rise late to bed if you're managing. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Fruitful Fall

Off the limb the apple falls rolling to misfortune.  It did not start of bad but as it rolled further from the tree it became heavy and sad.  It's succulent juices attracted parasite of everyday life.  From the inside it was eaten away.  The core was gone the apple became rotten shell.  The collapse of the apple came shortly after it fell but into the earth a seed was compelled. After the rain a sprout formed from the ground.  It grew into a tree budding new fruit all around..  All from the misfortune of an apple that fell to the ground.

Sometimes it is a struggle to write. I am not pleased with this but a friend of mine like it so I posted the piece.  Maybe I will revise this later.  The apple is given human characteristics and the idea of the piece stems from a person who is considered a rotten apple.  I just wanted to display the thought is is never to late for redemption.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


I don't hear much from the outside world.  It is not that I am not listening.  It's just that I find that the world is not there.  It is there the outside world it is ever prevalent somewhere.  I contradict myself with knowledge and thought.  Me eyes seem to glare towards me reflecting in instead of out.  I gaze upon fluttering ideas bouncing around inside my head.  I try to catch and gather them yet they eluded me from reality in their chase.  On the occasion an idea is caught I try to clutch on to it tightly in the hope that it carriers me back to reality.  I protect the idea as a guardian.  I tend to it carefully like a dying ember waiting to catch flame to straw, to find the straw.  The the world distracts me in a moment the spark is lost disappearing again with hope only leaving the intent to catch another thought.

Well this was another word dump.  The initial thought I used was that of someone in a coma.  I came up with the struggle to come back to reality.  I might edit this later.  If you think I should let me know in the comments.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Shot Learning

Who would have thought?  Who would have thought on the graves of the young so many stories would find their plot?  In our streets are youth are shot.  It happens to frequently if it happens at all.  It's more than a shame that in our schools students murderously fall.  The emotions pain of parents shedding tears asking what can be done to stop the fear.  Ambulance sirens flash without sound as they carry another body to the morgue then ground.  Autopsy evidence can not right the wrong as criminal evidence takes another youth on juvenile path that will be life long.  We must open the roads starting at home with parents who care for their kids more than the message on the cell phones that come all day long.  Remove the wrapped meal from fast food gone wrong and provide nourishing dinners at a table where lessons are fed to minds to make them strong.  Move beyond drug fed solutions and get ahead of the problem by asking what's wrong.  The next generation is for us to take care if we don't deal with the problem continued suffering is what today's youth will bear.

I need to edit this, especially the end.  I lost track of some of my thoughts.  Sometime it is hard to get things written fast enough.

Friday, August 22, 2014


The winds are coming to grab me as they ravish the land.
On my soul they heed scattering my life as though it were sand.
Echoing sounds torment as they howl to drown my cries.
Gusts lash my back and whip my face from the storms fury I can't escape.
Where do I run where do I go what in my life doesn't the wind know.
Where I breath the wind brings me life lungs fill with air as it cuts like a knife.
Torment follows with the passing breeze let death find me hurry please.

I have edited this and I am not sure of the ending.  I try not to step to far over the line into depression and I think I have with this poem.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


If you dream to aspire your life will grow into something wild.
If you imagine glory and fame nothing will ever be the same.
Teeter totter rise and fall you have to have knowledge to withstand it all.
Using strength of character get around inhibitions and obstacles of your mind.
Being a thinker isn't so hard keep in touch with the challenges others disregard.
Then succeed where others fail despite your inabilities you will prevail.
Within your brain is the key, unlock the secrets to live life happily.

So reading this I don't like the word "wilder" in the first line.  I have a general issue with the second line.  I want to modify the third line to add power. The fourth and fifth lines do not flow.  I caught more of a typo on the sixth line.  The seventh line seems cheesy.  Okay those were my pre-revision thoughts.  Overall, I don't think I am a fan of this poem.

If you dream to aspire your life will grow into something wilder.
If you imagine glory and fame nothing again will be the same.
Teeter totter rise and fall you got to have knowledge to withstand all.
Use your strength of mind to get around inhibitions you may find.
Being a thinker is not so hard keep in touch with challenges other disregard.
Then succeed where other fail despite your inabilities you can prevail.
Within your brain is the key to unlock the secrets to live life happily.


I continuously have a dream where I keep jumping.  Each time I jump I can seem to control my path and height of the jump.  I eventually am able to jump over trees and the key is to jumping higher is to learn how to safely descend.  Eventually after experimentation I am able to fly.  The weird thing is that I fly upright as if I were walking.  Well here is the original.  Let me know if I made this better or worse.

Jump up off the ground jump higher and higher until you fly.  If you dream to aspire your life will grow into something wilder.  If you imagine all your glory and your fame nothing again will be the same.  Teeter totter rise and fall you got to have the brain to withstand it all.  Use your thought to get around any inhibitions that you have found.  Being a thinker is not so hard it keeps you in touch with challenges that others may disregard.  You succeed where others fail despite your inabilities you prevail.  In your brain is the keep to life ever after may you live happily.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Sitting upon a hill perched in a tree.
A breeze ruffles the leaves whistling gently.
The fragrance of flowers caught by wind.
Fields of grain swaying like ocean waves.
An abundance of life that draws the eye.
Siting on the limb all this the bird overlooks.
In limitless vast skies where flight is took.
Lifting from the earth into the heavens.
Birthed from the mother angels arisen.

Unfortunately I am still struggling with this a bit but I have some background nose to put it politely.  I am going to have to revisit this again.  I really am having a hard time with ending this poem.

Sitting upon a hill.
Perched in tree and still,
Breeze ruffling leaves.
Whispering gentle rustles.
Flowers fragrance dancing.
Scents of beauty prancing.
Fields of grain sway
The abundance draws away.
On this limb to overlook
Limitless vast skies mistook
Realizing the motion undertook
In this moment flight is took.
Thoughts glide through sky.
Definition of being the reason why.
Life owed to mother earth.
To all that is living give birth.

On this revision I moved the poem to include poetic language.  The problem I am having now is that there is a duality of meaning.

Sitting up on a hill in a tree perched and still I have me as company.  As the breeze ruffles through the trees the leaves whisper to me gently.  In the wind fragrant flowers dance and their beauty captivates my senses.  Wild fields of grain sway their abundance fills me with happiness.  On this limb I look upon the sky in its limitless vastness I learn about myself coming to realizations of flight and motion.  The thought of blissfully gliding through the sky is the definition of my being.  To my life I owe mother earth having given birth to all that is living.

So I actually put out a little bit of a word dump.   It was kind of like looking for my spirit animal.  I originally title this "At One".  My criticism is that I think I should dump the last sentence.  Please let me know your opinion.  See the first run below:

Sitting upon a hill in a tree perched so still.  I have me as company.  As the breeze ruffles through the trees the leaves whisper to me gently.  In the wind flowers dance their fragrance and beauty captivate my senses in a lust filled trance.  With the grain my emotions sway in the happiness of this moment which my memory tucks gently away.   On this limb I look upon the sky in it limitless vastness I learn about myself coming to realizations of emotions and ideas benefiting from its serenity adding to myself.  To my life I owe mother earth in its to all living things to nature she gave birth.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Hermit

Some search for beauty
others a kindred soul
Alone waiting contently
searching for no one, nothing

Survey my hand and I brush
my path quickly aside
Clutching my hidden soul
within in a clenched fist

Hidden from discovery
fist ready to strike
A final protection
to ward off words.

From discovered seclusion
my heart driven within
Quivering not to rejection...
Dreaded me, loathes you

Out-casting myself
I outcast others from me
To let be
Let me be.

Alright I hope to be showing continuous improvement to this poem.  I submitted this for critique on Peots of G+.  So I have this is actually the fourth revision of this poem.  I show two below.

Some search for beauty
others a kindred soul
Alone waiting contently
Searching for no one
Survey my hand
Drifting quickly aside
Clutching to my soul
Hidden in a clenched fist
Fist ready to strike
Fearing discovery of me
Fly away socialites
Talking to snare prey
Secluded heart drive within
Mentally avoiding the hunt
Dreading me, loathing you
Quivering not to rejection
Out-casting myself
Others outcast from me

Revision from the below.  Which is more meaningful?

Some people search for those who have beauty,
others search for those with a corresponding soul.
I stand alone waiting contently by in search of no one.
When one comes to survey my hand I drift quickly aside,
clutching to my soul hiding it in a clenched fist ready to strike.
Fearing those who seek to find out what is inside.
I fly away from the socialites of my day for
I know their talk is used to snare their prey.
Secluded in my heart, I elude, driven within my mind I avoid the hunt.
Dreading the person who I am, and loathing the person you are.
I don't quiver in the face of rejection from my fellow man.
My wish is to be outcast as I have others outcast from me.

I was born shy but I really consider myself an extrovert.  Sometimes I disguise who I am with humor but I can't peg down why I took the perspective I did with this short.  I'm also considering changing the title.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Once Friends

It's beautiful I'm for real.  Bodies broken mind's a smokin' but you on my arm is what I feel.

Last night may have been dumb with some fun but now I know you are the one.  Long time friends but you've always meant more so I gotta let you know you're who my heart's for.

So don't get at me, I am so happy.  Let this moment be because when you awaken my heart can't take a potential breakin'.

It's beautiful I'm for real.  Bodies broken mind's a smokin' but you on my arm is what I feel.

I am so hungover but I want this moment to last forever.  Between headache and heartbreak it's easy to choose which one's easier to suffer less a bruise.

I'm afraid of when you to wake up but I want to see into your eyes.  I just pray our love is what I see materialize.

It's beautiful I'm for real.  Bodies broken mind's a smokin' but you on my arm is what I feel.

Last night may have been dumb with some fun but now I know you are the one.  Long time friends but you've always meant more so I gotta let you know you're who my heart is for.

As we lie in bed I remember the things we said and last nights passion all the sensual action.  Best friends forever love just adds something better.

I hope you feel the same and don't think it's strange.  I hope to see you smile and hear you say "Good morning go ahead and stay a while."

It's beautiful I'm for real.  Bodies broken mind's a smokin' but you on my arm is what I feel.

Last night may have been dumb with some fun but now I know you are the one.  Long time friends but you've always meant more so I gotta let you know your who my heart is for.

When I wrote this I was really longing for the touch of my wife.  My brother and I had gone out the night before and I'd crashed at his house.  I very foolishly wrote this while I was driving home to her.  This is currently a rough draft.  The problem I have is that it seems familiar, almost like I heard it somewhere.   I did search for the chorus lines on google and was unable to find anything.  I'd really appreciate your comments on whether I should brush this up.  I look forward to hearing some advice.

Does it need to be longer?
Does the story make sense?

Never a Moment

Nothing ever the same.
With time comes change.
Not a moment in another's reign

Time where time passed.
Slipping winding clock faded.
Where memories lost or last

Memories vague truth.
Where tradition uproots.
How we outlive youth.

Nothing the same
With time comes change.
A moment time elapsed.

I am hoping this is my final revision.  I will probably proof it it a few days only to make small corrections.  I can never proof read immediately as I have a habit of reading what I want to be there not what is.  May be I should right something about recent memory.

Nothing is ever the same with time comes change.
Never a moment where another moment doesn't reign.
Only time where time has passed.
Slipping down winding away everything fades for only memories last.
Our minds capture the moments not as they were but how we wished them to be.
Moments truly lost to a slightly different memory.
Nothing is ever the same with time comes change.
Never a moment where another moment doesn't reign, in time passed.

This is one of the first things I've written.  The original rough draft is below.  (2nd Revision)

Nothing is ever the same with time comes change.
Never is there a moment where another moment doesn't reign, always time where time has passed. Slipping down winding away everything fades as the past grows further away in our memories moments are kept of everyday.
In our lives our minds hold time for the events we keep dear to our hearts.
Moments may pass only in our thoughts can we make them last.
Nothing is ever the same with time comes change.
Never is there a moment where another moment doesn't reign, always times where time has passed.

In this case I definitely think revisions added meaning to my original thoughts.  I had that initial rush to get the words down on paper and then went back and really thought about my purpose.  There is a slight variation to the words repeated at the end.  The intent is to demonstrate the perpetual passing of time.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Communications Class 10 Years Ago

I found an old composition book today.  It wasn't the one I was looking for but it sparked a moment of reflection.   The composition book was an assignment from my Communications teacher.  The book was full of names that I had long since forgotten. Shoot, I could barely remember taking the class.  Reflecting back I could put some hazy faces to some of the names but I had lost 75% of that experience.

Ironically I can clearly remember meandering around smoking a cigarette while stepping across railroad ties during a conversation with other students.  I was doing a lot the talking but I was looking at the ground as I spanned from one rail road tie to the other.  It's funny.  Right outside the doors to the class I was failing my lesson by being a real conversational fuck-up.  Should I retake Communications?

It strikes me that most days are forgotten.  We pass over so much information most of our lives are lost to our minds.  A critic would say our lives are lost to monotony but our lives are full of events.  We live in a constantly changing environment.  I think in a large part ambition comes from the desire to remain present in the minds of people never meet.  Within the limits of life many aim to be remembered.  I want to have moments I remember, to truly live while I am living.   How does your ambition manifest?

PS:  I will get some scribblings up once I find my composition pad.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Purpose of My Scribbles Mix

I am starting this blog to share my scribbles.  My scribbles can be my own quotes, poems, short stories, letters or even just some junk I put down on paper during the course of the day, if I think it is interesting.  Some of the content on this site will be left in the form of a rough draft.  If you find the draft interesting leave a comment and I will try to complete the work.  Maybe I shouldn't admit to sloppiness up front.  Oh well getting on.

I would like to write full time.  I have a donation button so if you've received value from what you've experience on this blog please take the time to contribute.   Well I will look forward to hearing your feedback once I get up some content.  Have a good one.