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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Home

After a serious breath a smile sheds the struggles of the day. A twinkle sparks in my eye as you gaze upon those I love.  A glow shines from you heart onto my skin as my family blesses me with affection.  With wisdom I help my children choose stand with my guidelines their morals will stand.  on theirs live I  have placed my stake on a cause a greater than myself on a claim that every man should partake.  With the wart  of your hand you share with me your heart.  with a hug you show me your love.  With your guiding hand you help lead us through life as you never fail to provide advice.

I got a lost writing this.  I am putting it aside for now and will revise and compose it later.

After a serious breath a smile sheds the struggles of the day.  A twinkle sparkles in you eye as you gaze upon the family you blessed.  A glow shines on you skin for the compassion you hold for those within you heart.  With your wisdom you help us choose our stands; with you guidance you ensure through trial our morals will stand.  Through your eyes you show us your love with the warmth of you hand we feel the fortitude of you heart.  With you guiding hand you help to lead us in our lives with your never failing good advice.  With you humor you make us msile with a well targeted joke you crack you second smile.  You gave us breath and now we live; you give us hope just to give.  We get to call you dad and as a man the expression still makes me glad.

Alright that's round one of the revision.  I still need a lot of work on this but I am glad to continue the process.

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