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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ten Quotes Brought to you by George, That's Me

  1. Either let the dust settle or kick it up.
  2. Every dog has its day and everyday is a dog.
  3. When it comes to our kids we see the thorns.  When it comes to us we see the roses.
  4. Why does fate allow us to waste so much time?
  5. Follow the dog to find the cat.
  6. Gold a l lot of people have none, some people get some and few people get a ton.
  7. Down and dirty stays down and dirty.
  8. He turned around so fast he met himself coming back.  (This is not mine I just like it a lot.  Heard it from my grandfather.)
  9. Don't look for the light when it's midnight.
  10. Late to rise late to bed if you're managing. 

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