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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Shot Learning

Who would have thought?  Who would have thought on the graves of the young so many stories would find their plot?  In our streets are youth are shot.  It happens to frequently if it happens at all.  It's more than a shame that in our schools students murderously fall.  The emotions pain of parents shedding tears asking what can be done to stop the fear.  Ambulance sirens flash without sound as they carry another body to the morgue then ground.  Autopsy evidence can not right the wrong as criminal evidence takes another youth on juvenile path that will be life long.  We must open the roads starting at home with parents who care for their kids more than the message on the cell phones that come all day long.  Remove the wrapped meal from fast food gone wrong and provide nourishing dinners at a table where lessons are fed to minds to make them strong.  Move beyond drug fed solutions and get ahead of the problem by asking what's wrong.  The next generation is for us to take care if we don't deal with the problem continued suffering is what today's youth will bear.

I need to edit this, especially the end.  I lost track of some of my thoughts.  Sometime it is hard to get things written fast enough.

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