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Saturday, February 28, 2015


Love is a fatal concept harsh on thought.  We think to find it here or there yet fall short of it conquest.  It seems as though others are finding love, every place. but in truth it's true capture is rare.  Many so willing to accept so little they expand love's meaning enclosing it in blind spaces.   Elusive to the heart some hold it briefly in a dream but reality wakes them to a broken heart.  Losing trust and faith in the face before meeting new barriers they find themselves surpassed by a new chance.  The pitfalls have darkened their hope and out of hope they can not see the light they seek.  The few that make it through  unveil their hearts offering it exposed but it only gets stolen in the desperation of their search.  Then that rarity one who opens their eyes inward seeing into themselves to reflect outward which first was found within.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Poetic Mind

Spilling thoughts come out of my head.  On this page is where they bled.  Invading ideas that are cracked by the pen the lines tumble about and then get thin.  Pictured words combing across the page then I see them written on a second gaze.  Screaming vindication emotions flow everything from happiness to my hearts sorrow.  Leaping from line to line ink tears through pages as I rhyme.

This needs a few revisions that I'll see better later but it was really fun to write.


Fortunate beginning unfortunate woes.  A relationship that ebbed but never flowed.  Circling troubles are all we found.  Promising moments led to wasted time.  The hurt and the sorrow of love lost.  The crime in the memories of a past gone bad.  Your love I could never claim to have had.

Wrote this last night.  Go interrupted by thought of another scribble.  This is one I plan to refine and add to potentially. 


Beautiful promise fade on thy lips.
Live happily together forever in bliss.
Foolish believer thou made of thee.
From these lies my fond misery.

Okay part of me thinks I heard or read this somewhere.  Googled it didn't find anything.  Give me a heads up so I can at least site the poem.  Anyway for now I wrote it and thought it should be longer but it gets the point across in those four lines so I decided is right the way it is.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pantomime Relationship

Kiss on the cheek.
Hug goodbye.
These things done.
Feelings passed aside.

Calling home,
Checking in.
These things done.
Actual caring impaired.

Coming home.
Going to bed.
These things done.
Emotion run dry.

Yelling loudly.
Throwing plates.
These things done.
The relationship tried.

I don't plan on editing this, I've read it and I like it as is.  I do want to comment that I am in a happy relationship.  I was reading a poem by Sule Cerdan and received some inspiration.


The art of profane profanity, gossip.  I tell you profanity.  Have you heard.  Well isn't that scandalous.  I wouldn't have believed it unless I saw it myself.  Honest to God.  My goodness gracious.  Did you hear about the neighbors across the way.  The husband's having an affair.  The daughter's pregnant.  The son's dropped out of college and moved back in.  Their new born baby didn't turn out even,has nine toes.  Then you got the wife who's drinking.  How low. At her age.  He'll never amount to anything.  What a shame poor thing.  I almost pity her  The rumors, the tales, the webs that are spun.  Words that accomplish nothing but end up in hurt.  To struggle to know what's not to be known.  To make things up from minds lies are grown.  Useless words that never end.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

My World

Purple ocean,
Blue sky.
Orange sun.
Black night.
Brown earth.
Yellow day.
Gray people.

Love by Sun Tan

Follow me down to the purple sea.  As we march down to the shore we'll pick up stones tossing them to the warm waters.  We'll lift our feet high into the air smashing our footprints into the sand.  We leave them behind to die in the tide as a faded trail fades from our stroll down the shoreline.  Then find a place to sit and chat shading our eyes from the sun looking into each other with the realization we found someone.  Let's dash into the water running from our blankets as the journey scorches our feet into the cooling waters our soles find relief.  Into the sea we swim diving under the water into the blue entangled in each other.  We rise to the surface to breath in a kiss and sigh the relief of love we've found in each others eyes.  Now we leave the waters hand in hand to fade into each others bodies as the sun and moon exchange in the skies.  Though the night grows weary we do not our places with each other this is the beginning of many nights together the will not be forgot.

I know it is sappy.  No need to revise this.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


The salt of a tear doesn't always sting.  The hand of god isn't always mean.  Every once in awhile it is better to bare the pain.  Wade through the troubles and bad times, face them head on to dwindle away at rigid times.  Postpone the pain and having learned nothing find nothing to gain.  A solution won't be found with time lost with more time past just furthered cost.  The waste of each moments render happiness as it is pealed away leaves piles of sorrow where sweet memories die and fade.  Let the tears wash over the stinging soul to cleanse the pain.  Let their salt sanitize the mind and soul.  Let God's hand fall upon your path bringing blessing and strength to the time where feeling overwhelm the intent to overcome a hard path.  Carry the burden endure the pain find the other side and get ready to face challenges again.

I need to edit this but I am a bit tired.  I'll revise this in a bit.  Don't be shy about pointing something out in the comments.  I will make the corrections.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Stupid Cows

Hey look, over there.  Do you see it?.... The grass.....over there on the other hillside....the grass on that hillside is greener.  Now that right there is some delicious looking grass.  It looks clean, lush and long.  Now I am all about greener pastures let's go over there.....Whoa what happened this isn't all that great.  This grass is not nearly as green as it was where we were.  I would say this wasn't the same we had seen from the other hillside but I never lost sight of the pasture.  Well it must have been the distance.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Self Discovery

Once your in you cannot get out.  That is what looking inward is all about.  Come on in you'll want to stay into eternity keeping on'es self passed the grave.  Follow the signs in the mind and the intuitions that run down the spine.  This is the guide to how you should live.  On the heart's beat take in a step into your life.  Fortune shines from you soul leading to new beginnings from where a new journey will start.

Alright I gotta admit I pretty much hate this because it seems preachy to me.  I didn't put this out because I think it's good.  I wrote it and I think it's important to share.  Part of the reason is that someone else may like it but more importantly it demonstrates that not everything you write will feel inspired.  Sometimes things feel forced and just because something is forced doesn't mean it won't be good.  That just happens to be the case this time around.

Hey if you liked this let me know.  I am feeling a little defeated after this.  That's right I am seeking encouragement and I don't care that it's needy.

Fate and Drive

The after thought of a moment won't negate an occurrence.  Reflection on a choice made an action taken has no influence on the permanence the hand creates.  Conceptions spawned by preconception further the state of mind that commits the crime and sealing the fate of victim and perpetrator.  Fate can be broken with positive notions in mind.  Influence change with work over time to reflect on the past and search for signs.  Rhyme and reason go hand in hand action and reaction improve upon the motion of plans.  To never do requires the strength to know what to never want but rather how to earn.

Still need to work on this a bit.  This is my first round.  The idea comes from biblical teaching regarding the idea that we our born sinners and are fated toward evil but we have free will.  God knows one are the other and can determine with certainty how we will end up by how utilize our minds and we develop ourselves to distinguish/protect ourselves from an evil chose.  

Saturday, February 7, 2015


There is a liquid that becomes your friend before you find out that it's your enemy.  It doesn't lie.  The relationship starts out rocky but the fun outweighs the pain.  Small misadventures and thrilling nights give way to a fading romance as time draws on.  Parties of people turn into a party of one and cheers fade to clinks.