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Friday, August 8, 2014

Communications Class 10 Years Ago

I found an old composition book today.  It wasn't the one I was looking for but it sparked a moment of reflection.   The composition book was an assignment from my Communications teacher.  The book was full of names that I had long since forgotten. Shoot, I could barely remember taking the class.  Reflecting back I could put some hazy faces to some of the names but I had lost 75% of that experience.

Ironically I can clearly remember meandering around smoking a cigarette while stepping across railroad ties during a conversation with other students.  I was doing a lot the talking but I was looking at the ground as I spanned from one rail road tie to the other.  It's funny.  Right outside the doors to the class I was failing my lesson by being a real conversational fuck-up.  Should I retake Communications?

It strikes me that most days are forgotten.  We pass over so much information most of our lives are lost to our minds.  A critic would say our lives are lost to monotony but our lives are full of events.  We live in a constantly changing environment.  I think in a large part ambition comes from the desire to remain present in the minds of people never meet.  Within the limits of life many aim to be remembered.  I want to have moments I remember, to truly live while I am living.   How does your ambition manifest?

PS:  I will get some scribblings up once I find my composition pad.

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