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Monday, September 1, 2014

Fruitful Fall

Off the limb the apple falls rolling to misfortune.  It did not start of bad but as it rolled further from the tree it became heavy and sad.  It's succulent juices attracted parasite of everyday life.  From the inside it was eaten away.  The core was gone the apple became rotten shell.  The collapse of the apple came shortly after it fell but into the earth a seed was compelled. After the rain a sprout formed from the ground.  It grew into a tree budding new fruit all around..  All from the misfortune of an apple that fell to the ground.

Sometimes it is a struggle to write. I am not pleased with this but a friend of mine like it so I posted the piece.  Maybe I will revise this later.  The apple is given human characteristics and the idea of the piece stems from a person who is considered a rotten apple.  I just wanted to display the thought is is never to late for redemption.

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