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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Making Hay

Tears must in my eyes for wrath has taken aim on my heart, sweeping woe into the very bowels of my soul.  Forsaken is the hand that has thrust itself on my wife.  Her beauty in life snatched away by a sperpent of the earth.  Their hollow souls into hell they will fall.  I beseech vengance to send your light lighting and to bring pain.  Give me fire and throw brimstone so I may place it in the pit of their soul that it may burn them forever.  On the hand wear a band lay declaring to her my life I now place a sold.  This hand that once felt the sculpted beauty of God's finest creation will no fall in the devil's misguided work.   I will reap into hell the grains of wheat sown by this evil world and may they fall like blades of grass as they are stuck by the blade I hold.

I wrote this before I knew anything about marriage.  I am married now and I am happy to have chosen a wife who will always e faithful.  Making the right choice in he first place is a really good path to pursue.  I plan to edit this a bit more but for now I will let this sit as is.

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