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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


The moment comes.  It touches softly in the night resting on her lips.  The moment passes like rising smoke from the embers of dwindling coal.  The fog of thoughts roll through my mind, I am lost in disbelief.  Voices cloud my ears with condolences passing from my mind as though they are absent of understanding.  Everything and nothing happens at once and overwhelming accumulation of emptiness.  I would mutter why if my throat wasn't heavy grief, I kneel there saying nothing, squinting without tears to cry.  I collapse with you my dear to go on without living.

Monday, December 8, 2014


What makes us lie?  Is it that telling the truth is too painful for us to bear?  Is it the suffering of consequences?  Lack of action or inaction?  To buy time or to save face?  There are many reason to lie.  It is the foolish action to cover the truth and ignore reality.


On a rainy day the sun still shines waiting above clouds washing away pain in hard times.
Light always pierces the furious storms rage to right the wrong of the turmoil once gone.
Find shining clarity when misty times have come and gone by look into puddled to long.
Uplifting fog seeing into a beautiful haze putting forth to sight rainbows and light's rays.
Oh please oh please let me feel the warmth of sun's praise and forgive me, my dreary days.

I recently revised this but lost the original post.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Days Don't Change

Alright here's my attempt at a county song.  

Simple life of mine won't go astray no matter my thinkin' to get up and try.  Though just for a moment in a dream gave up my job and left this scene.  Went for a journey in the woods never to look back and didn't want to when I could.  Then I found me a path and rode it strong everything as life followed I'd do nothing wrong.  Yet I woke up the next day and went to work following the footsteps of my day to day.  The same damn route in every way.  I'm still walkin' around and talkin' that sound my actions are reflectin' I'll be stayin' in this town.  I'm just a honky tonk nobody runnin' my mouth off key.  I'm tuckered out sick of being me, I'm gettin' up off my ass to be somebody.  I;m cuttin' to the woods to find me that path gonna ride it hard, gonna ride it fast.  There'll me no more talking' just a forgotten past.  I'm breakin' from the mold tearing up the cast.  Started walking the walk so I got to go.  You won't see me to but you might see me fro.  When I left that simple life of mine I slammed the door onto better things in life only because I want more.

Haven't figured out how to show the melody of a song when writing.  Hopefully it flows a little bit.  This is my second draft.  I'm not completely pleased with it but there is always the chance to come back to it and take a third look.