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Monday, October 6, 2014

Leading Deception

Shepard lead you sheep into the pack of wolves to earn money in the darkness of the woods.
Rooster rooster heed no call for the fox has a bribe to compensate for a slight moral loss that you may befall.
Charging bull tread lightly on your feet because beyond your heard we promise a greater feast.
Needles needles lining the wall marking the mark where the dollar falls.
In your care remove your stake, evil lends you its pleasures to partake.
Actions have consequences that you may reap with a blind eye this fortune you may keep.
Make the trade don't delay this offer won't last another day.
Don't play the tune of a mournful song dance happily don't worry about wrong and surely will find a way to get along.

This needs some refinement but I like the idea.  It's about how leaders ignore problems at the expense of those who follow them.  I think it is easy to do and there are those who will tempt others so they may benefit.  I firmly believe that most leaders are good people so this writing isn't against capitalism.  When I wrote it I was thinking about the power place in the select elite developed by communism and even socialism. 

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