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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Post No Bills

Post no bills we don't need your services here
Post no bills your using your time only to was mine.
Post no bill you have nothing to say or that I need hear.
Post no bill your not going to catch a lingering eye.
Post no bill because your on posting another lie.
Post no bill to be torn down and cast aside.
Post this bill: "POST NO BILLS"

Lustful or Loving

Alright, I am going to admit I've been drinking but let's see what I come up with.

Affect the feeling in my heart with words of satin from your heart.  I challenge the love of which you tell I think it is more on my pants that your thoughts dwell.  Is it on my body you want to place your hands or is it on my soul you wish to touch with hearts true intent.  Love or lust, neither of there I can trust in good faith make a plea for in honesty I'll accept either as you'll see.  Confusion clouds matters between us now but in submitting to passion we clear the air.  So maybe later we can find out if there is something there.

Saturday nights what am I going to do?

Monday, October 6, 2014

Leading Deception

Shepard lead you sheep into the pack of wolves to earn money in the darkness of the woods.
Rooster rooster heed no call for the fox has a bribe to compensate for a slight moral loss that you may befall.
Charging bull tread lightly on your feet because beyond your heard we promise a greater feast.
Needles needles lining the wall marking the mark where the dollar falls.
In your care remove your stake, evil lends you its pleasures to partake.
Actions have consequences that you may reap with a blind eye this fortune you may keep.
Make the trade don't delay this offer won't last another day.
Don't play the tune of a mournful song dance happily don't worry about wrong and surely will find a way to get along.

This needs some refinement but I like the idea.  It's about how leaders ignore problems at the expense of those who follow them.  I think it is easy to do and there are those who will tempt others so they may benefit.  I firmly believe that most leaders are good people so this writing isn't against capitalism.  When I wrote it I was thinking about the power place in the select elite developed by communism and even socialism. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Sprint

A bead of sweat slips across his sight as he lifts his head his eyes measure the challenge before him.   Before the moment of truth an action a breath to relieve the tension.  His mind reflect no a though of success but a knowledge of what will be achieved over the opposition.  Muscles tense as feet push from the block propelling a mass of muscle forward.  Feet blaze fiery steps of fury down the track beneath each step a strike lands across the competitors.  Time becomes paralyzed as every moment falls by the wayside no one gives chase any longer.  He meets the barrier chest astride breaking through the tape with arms raised.  First.

Making Hay

Tears must in my eyes for wrath has taken aim on my heart, sweeping woe into the very bowels of my soul.  Forsaken is the hand that has thrust itself on my wife.  Her beauty in life snatched away by a sperpent of the earth.  Their hollow souls into hell they will fall.  I beseech vengance to send your light lighting and to bring pain.  Give me fire and throw brimstone so I may place it in the pit of their soul that it may burn them forever.  On the hand wear a band lay declaring to her my life I now place a sold.  This hand that once felt the sculpted beauty of God's finest creation will no fall in the devil's misguided work.   I will reap into hell the grains of wheat sown by this evil world and may they fall like blades of grass as they are stuck by the blade I hold.

I wrote this before I knew anything about marriage.  I am married now and I am happy to have chosen a wife who will always e faithful.  Making the right choice in he first place is a really good path to pursue.  I plan to edit this a bit more but for now I will let this sit as is.

Self Interest

Soft hands heavy fists don't tear the world apart.  Striking the right balance in the stove.  Freedom leads man to the path where he may find love of self.  This is our wealth individuality is the beacon of our soul.  It is the mind that can't be tamed while complacency is to blame and freedom suppressed don't stand waiting die or cause death.  The soul can't wait for freedom.  Understand what is worth dying for what is worth fighting for don't behave peacw ill not bring happiness if it is at the cost of liberty.  Don't be suppressed know your love for you is fair and strike down falsely found guilt as a selfless act.  When you take back your abilities from those who need but don't produce you have claimed back your freedom and your life.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Weeping willow

On a weeping willow I write to the one I love under the moonlight.  On our lips I place a kiss for this willow weeps from happiness.  I pull its leaves to make a rose it's gift to us because our love it knows.  Under this weeping willow we first played as we grew from children our love arose growing as growth grows.  As teenagers on its branches we sat offering flirtatious glances until our lips united in a plant.   Under this tree I will propose may we find out together what the future holds.

I wrote this for fun.  I don't plan on doing anything further with it.  I know its sappy and cliche but whatever.  Please leave a comment let me know your opinion.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Home

After a serious breath a smile sheds the struggles of the day. A twinkle sparks in my eye as you gaze upon those I love.  A glow shines from you heart onto my skin as my family blesses me with affection.  With wisdom I help my children choose stand with my guidelines their morals will stand.  on theirs live I  have placed my stake on a cause a greater than myself on a claim that every man should partake.  With the wart  of your hand you share with me your heart.  with a hug you show me your love.  With your guiding hand you help lead us through life as you never fail to provide advice.

I got a lost writing this.  I am putting it aside for now and will revise and compose it later.

After a serious breath a smile sheds the struggles of the day.  A twinkle sparkles in you eye as you gaze upon the family you blessed.  A glow shines on you skin for the compassion you hold for those within you heart.  With your wisdom you help us choose our stands; with you guidance you ensure through trial our morals will stand.  Through your eyes you show us your love with the warmth of you hand we feel the fortitude of you heart.  With you guiding hand you help to lead us in our lives with your never failing good advice.  With you humor you make us msile with a well targeted joke you crack you second smile.  You gave us breath and now we live; you give us hope just to give.  We get to call you dad and as a man the expression still makes me glad.

Alright that's round one of the revision.  I still need a lot of work on this but I am glad to continue the process.