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Sunday, March 1, 2015


Little clam has tucked away a pearl of wisdom but of it she has nothing to say.  Her little shell has puckered tight even though I try to coax it open with all my might.  Under this hardened shell dwells her pearl shaped heart but of its beauty I am kept from sight.  She's so protected because once crept in a grain of sand that agitated her but of it's existence she will not admit.  Of the pain it caused she denies never to submit.  Please tell me young clam how this single grain has created this misfortune. The covering of such great beauty you now hold within you must not blame because of part of the splendor was contributed by the pain of the sandy grain.  Tell me now with the soothing sound of the  shore allow it to wash away the hurt of this terrible grain. Loosen your shell don't protect yourself into further loss.  I will simply listen to everything you mention I promise to pay the utmost attention.  Then when we're threw you'll feel like life's been renewed.  Let me bare the sadness for once your pearl shines I know that you'll never be mine.  Go off into the world glow brighter than ever before free from the damage caused before.

I have spent too much time on this.  I will have to return to it later.  My main problem is that the tone taken seems rushed so it doesn't tie from one part to the next as well as it should.  Let me know where you think the breaks are so I can thing about how to patch things together.  (Mainly the end).

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