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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kahlua the Pineapple

There was once a pineapple named Kahlua who moved to the states from Hawaii.  When Kahlua came to the states non of the other fruits were as prickly or had sharp leaves.  This made the other fruits cautious around Kahlua and made it hard for him to make friends.  Kahlua did not let this get him down, he knew he was a sweet fruit on the inside.  Kahlua stayed true to himself and was always nice to the fruits often going out of his way to meet with them.  Eventually Kahlua became very good friends with a cherry and kiwi.  Now this crew hangs out together all the time often and has become a popular garnish for a refreshing Mai Tai.

Alright there probably won't be any revision on this and I know it's childish.  I simply think it is a fun little story and show writing or poetry is a release in many ways.  Also I know this is a short story and not a poem.

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