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Sunday, March 15, 2015

An Angel's Pollen

She is the flower of time carrying forward the lives of happy souls.  Her radiant light falling upon the hearts of friends as though the north star has fallen to the earth.  Life around her blossoming from the care and tenderness she emits from the heart.  Pedals tread behind her footsteps leaving a path of sweet scent, blown as if her souls breath.  While the light of the moon fades to morning sunshine her love shines brighter day by day.  With a subtle smile she heals the pain found under storm's rain.  Vibrant is the embrace of her hand, the warm touch, palm in palm she guides the needy to the light of kindness.

Human angel of this earth your heart embodied by mortal shell yet it still touches upon the heavens.  May your spirit live forever in the continued conquest of healing the lost in despair.....  Amen.

I need to revise this to be more poetic in nature.  I have noticed that many of things I write start off like this.  The form of my thoughts are not completely grammatically precise but close enough.  Sometime I bounce from one word to the next in poetic form but not often.  The thing I struggle most deeply with is that it is heard to revise things into more poetic nature without either losing the meaning or the meaning becoming too abstract.

The last word is Amen.   I would like to hear some opinions on this.

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