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Saturday, March 28, 2015


I find the relationship of you and me
owing the world an apology.

The screaming and fighting
the harsh words said
Throwing and tossing
flying plates at the head.
Each of us wishing
the other was dead.

The reason to stay
can't have a why.

So sign this letter
from my lawyer
as I part with bye.

Hopefully I never have to go with this, sure my wife and I fight but at the end of the day I can beat her up, I got her by about 130 pounds.  Just kidding, geeez.  No it's a sad situation but I can say that divorce usually makes the miserable happier.  Try to work it out but if you're punishing each other end it, I was actually relieved to find out my parents would no longer be screaming at each other every night.