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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

She Remains Young

They eyes of a child reflect innocence into eternity.  The reminiscent expression on her face blooms from genuine love.  The delicate touch of her hand unveils the warmth of her heart.  The watchful stare of her caring gaze reminiscent as the day fades away.  She is aloft with love and care tending to others with the warm glow her hazel eyes.  Translucently lighting the path to her heart her soul residing in the pupil of her iris swept in to each tear her mother cried.  On this path we find her character, surviving, perseverance, strength and the true character of inner beauty.  Here we met by a barrage of serenity, calming love, tranquil caring, inner peace and the harmony that is her soul.  This is the child through life remained young, passed to heaven like the rising sun.

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