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Saturday, February 28, 2015


Love is a fatal concept harsh on thought.  We think to find it here or there yet fall short of it conquest.  It seems as though others are finding love, every place. but in truth it's true capture is rare.  Many so willing to accept so little they expand love's meaning enclosing it in blind spaces.   Elusive to the heart some hold it briefly in a dream but reality wakes them to a broken heart.  Losing trust and faith in the face before meeting new barriers they find themselves surpassed by a new chance.  The pitfalls have darkened their hope and out of hope they can not see the light they seek.  The few that make it through  unveil their hearts offering it exposed but it only gets stolen in the desperation of their search.  Then that rarity one who opens their eyes inward seeing into themselves to reflect outward which first was found within.

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