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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Love by Sun Tan

Follow me down to the purple sea.  As we march down to the shore we'll pick up stones tossing them to the warm waters.  We'll lift our feet high into the air smashing our footprints into the sand.  We leave them behind to die in the tide as a faded trail fades from our stroll down the shoreline.  Then find a place to sit and chat shading our eyes from the sun looking into each other with the realization we found someone.  Let's dash into the water running from our blankets as the journey scorches our feet into the cooling waters our soles find relief.  Into the sea we swim diving under the water into the blue entangled in each other.  We rise to the surface to breath in a kiss and sigh the relief of love we've found in each others eyes.  Now we leave the waters hand in hand to fade into each others bodies as the sun and moon exchange in the skies.  Though the night grows weary we do not our places with each other this is the beginning of many nights together the will not be forgot.

I know it is sappy.  No need to revise this.

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