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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Self Discovery

Once your in you cannot get out.  That is what looking inward is all about.  Come on in you'll want to stay into eternity keeping on'es self passed the grave.  Follow the signs in the mind and the intuitions that run down the spine.  This is the guide to how you should live.  On the heart's beat take in a step into your life.  Fortune shines from you soul leading to new beginnings from where a new journey will start.

Alright I gotta admit I pretty much hate this because it seems preachy to me.  I didn't put this out because I think it's good.  I wrote it and I think it's important to share.  Part of the reason is that someone else may like it but more importantly it demonstrates that not everything you write will feel inspired.  Sometimes things feel forced and just because something is forced doesn't mean it won't be good.  That just happens to be the case this time around.

Hey if you liked this let me know.  I am feeling a little defeated after this.  That's right I am seeking encouragement and I don't care that it's needy.

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