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Saturday, February 21, 2015


The salt of a tear doesn't always sting.  The hand of god isn't always mean.  Every once in awhile it is better to bare the pain.  Wade through the troubles and bad times, face them head on to dwindle away at rigid times.  Postpone the pain and having learned nothing find nothing to gain.  A solution won't be found with time lost with more time past just furthered cost.  The waste of each moments render happiness as it is pealed away leaves piles of sorrow where sweet memories die and fade.  Let the tears wash over the stinging soul to cleanse the pain.  Let their salt sanitize the mind and soul.  Let God's hand fall upon your path bringing blessing and strength to the time where feeling overwhelm the intent to overcome a hard path.  Carry the burden endure the pain find the other side and get ready to face challenges again.

I need to edit this but I am a bit tired.  I'll revise this in a bit.  Don't be shy about pointing something out in the comments.  I will make the corrections.

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