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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pantomime Relationship

Kiss on the cheek.
Hug goodbye.
These things done.
Feelings passed aside.

Calling home,
Checking in.
These things done.
Actual caring impaired.

Coming home.
Going to bed.
These things done.
Emotion run dry.

Yelling loudly.
Throwing plates.
These things done.
The relationship tried.

I don't plan on editing this, I've read it and I like it as is.  I do want to comment that I am in a happy relationship.  I was reading a poem by Sule Cerdan and received some inspiration.


  1. Great poem for such an unfortunate circumstance George. i read that your parents were in a relationship such as this one. My parents actually inspired my poem as well. Thank you for your moving words George.

  2. Hopefully we learn from our parents and escape their circle to form better relationships of our own.