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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fate and Drive

The after thought of a moment won't negate an occurrence.  Reflection on a choice made an action taken has no influence on the permanence the hand creates.  Conceptions spawned by preconception further the state of mind that commits the crime and sealing the fate of victim and perpetrator.  Fate can be broken with positive notions in mind.  Influence change with work over time to reflect on the past and search for signs.  Rhyme and reason go hand in hand action and reaction improve upon the motion of plans.  To never do requires the strength to know what to never want but rather how to earn.

Still need to work on this a bit.  This is my first round.  The idea comes from biblical teaching regarding the idea that we our born sinners and are fated toward evil but we have free will.  God knows one are the other and can determine with certainty how we will end up by how utilize our minds and we develop ourselves to distinguish/protect ourselves from an evil chose.  

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