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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Virtual Bully

The only attention you have is from yourself.
Amused by tormenting words and nothing else.
You hide your name as an alias, going unknown.
Not facing your victims hidden in your home.
You are going online yet staying out of touch.
As the cruelty served isn't felt by you much.
You the typing ticking time bomb of pain.
If not attached to the mainframe you'd refrain.
Now see me looking into the internet's face.
I know of a chair with a coward in its place.

Alright someone asked me to write a poem about online bullying and this is my draft.  I really try to show in this that a bully only has power given.  In my last lines I take that power back.


  1. It's an excellent write George! We call them "blue heads" on g+ because they often don't bother to even place a profile picture even if it's fake. Lmao!

    Wow! Now the "thing" is to block people from seeing your posts or circling them but they can see you. What ever happened to old fashioned banning?

    Bravo! ♥

    1. Yeah if you have a problem with somebody and block then they should not have access to anything you. I think they should go a far as to tell people when they have been banned from something so hopefully the person takes it upon themselves to fix their behavior.