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Monday, April 13, 2015

The Accountant

Sometimes I crunch the numbers
Sometimes the numbers crunch me
Deadlines, timelines always rolling forward

Between four boring walls I sit
The content of a cell in Excel
Life a predicated formula

A spreadsheet cramped with data
A mind cramped with stress
An office occupying an organized mess.

Like an information robot
I return to work to repeat the month before.
The repetitiveness an unforgiving bore.

Everything is part of an equation, calculated
None of it human the look is on a macro level
Meaning behind results of which not one gets credit

Budgeted, variances explored, a bridge to explanation
Unseen investors peer into me without knowing my soul
Self discovery wains as I read like the page of a 10K

Lack of interest may make it more difficult to be human
Not being able to reduce hours may negatively impact family life.
No time from work increase my vulnerability to the company.

I am the report.

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